Our Clients

Genesis Global Capital is known to offer our investors tangibility and security of their investment, transparency and predictability of cash flows, and financial strength and reputation of the counterparties. We have gained a strong reputation by unswervingly employing a three-step process of SOURCING, SELECTING, AND STRUCTURING.

We serve clients having a number of financial objectives. Most of our clients are interested in income and wealth preservation. We therefore offer co-developing short-term investments because they provide not just predictable high income but also security across assets.

To those seeking moderate income and growth, we provide greater diversification and reduce volatility of price and income with our alternative investment options.

Whatever be your goal, we find an optimal amount of such investments that can generate moderate to high income. Choosing safety over speculation, we provide our investors with buffer assets that yield a steady income so as to cushion the overall volatility of their portfolio.